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Thread: Be a part of Formula Offroad News, make the news or be the news

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    Default Be a part of Formula Offroad News, make the news or be the news

    Formula Offroad News is a page where we gather information about Formula Offroad, e.g. results, competitions, drivers, cars, gossip, I mean everything.

    If you are a driver
    If you are a member of a raceteam
    If you are an organizer for a competition
    If you are a photographer
    If you create Formula Offroad videos
    If you are a fan of Formula Offroad and visit competitions.

    You can ALL be a part of Formula Offroad News. We together create the news for others. We who visit competions, as a driver, team member e.g.

    Go to Formula Offroad News and read more

    I have created Formula Offroad News for you drivers, teams and organizers. and I created the page for the love of the sport and for the Formula Offroad community. My goal with the page is to let new fans, Other media and companies discover the sport. And in the long run make the sport reach a larger audiens and bigger and better sponsor deals for all drivers. And I do all this for free.

    Jesper Andersson
    Administrator & Editor
    of Formula Offroad News
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    To all of you who are currently building a new Formula Offroad race car. Formula Offroad News is planning to put together a list of all the cars currently being built. Everything is of great interest. Click on the form below and tell us about your car. Everyone is very curious

    Add your car

    Kind regards
    Jesper Andersson
    Admin and main editor
    Formula Offroad News


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