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Thread: Magam Trophy in Poland 1-5 May

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    Default Magam Trophy in Poland 1-5 May

    Magam Trophy is a legendary winch challenge rally and real off-road marathon. It’s been developed since 2001 near Miastko in Pomerania region. Many times since then we had a pleasure to host guests from abroad. In 2012 we will compete in two categories: Adventure- easier, for vehicles with electric winches and Extreme, created for the advanced constructions equipped with mechanical winches. Magam Trophy is an event with a long tradition, created by enthusiasts and prepared by professionals.

    Magam Trophy Rules:
    The competition lasts for 5 days. Each day is divided into stages, usually two. Players have a time limit for passing stages and arrivals. The base to the classification is time obtained on stages. Stages are from 20 to 50 km long, teams are driving using roadbooks and collecting stamps to confirm correctness of passage. On each stage participants have to overcome terrain trials identified as MT ("between bands") - usually about 6 or 7. It's demanding off-road section from 100 to 1000 meters long on swamp, traverses on 50%-75% slopes, even 1m deep water crossing, sandy or rocky tracks and so on. MT sections are observed by judges. Every obstacle on the way is natural, in natural terrain. MT sections for Adventure category are easier than for Extreme. Team can bypass MT section but will receive a time penalty for this.

    Magam Trophy guarantees:
    - 5 days of fun in the beautiful and diverse terrain.
    - Diversity in terms of difficulty and types of terrain obstacles in natural scenery.
    - Accommodation in rally base or nearby which promotes the integration and builds a unique atmosphere on Magam Trophy
    -Interesting contest thanks to wide areas from band to band, where teams can overtake each other easily
    - Unforgettable emotions intensify by reversed start order ( competitors from the end of the list start as first in next stage).

    More info:

    All the best
    Pawel Roslon

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    very good a competition

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    Default Magam Trophy 2013! 30.04 - 4.05 !!

    Hello,as before the year, we are inviting to north Poland on 5 day off-raoad marathon (30.04-4.05.2013). It most difficult and the most prestigious competition trophy in Poland. You will find more information on the side:

    All the best
    Pawel Roslon

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