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Thread: Kia sportage heving

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    Default Kia sportage heving

    Noen som vet hvor man får tak i hevesett til kia? Evt om andre dempere og fjører passer?

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    Etter et kjapt google søk fant jeg dette til deg:

    Ok! First, what year sporty?

    If it's a G1 95-02' then I can help you.

    First off go to The people that make/made the lifts for the G1 Sporty are there, and not here.

    You can fit 30's on stock rims and have no clearance issue with out any lift. If you want 31's you will need a 2" suspension lift and 32's will require a 4" lift either a 4" suspension lift or a 2" suspension and a 2" body lift!

    HOWEVER! With the bigger tires you will need to add a little umpf!! (CAI, Chip?) in order to turn those wheels, and you will be killing what gas mileage you had!

    Esay way to get a lift is with a 2" spacer on the front coils and eithet TJ sprongs or a 2" spacer on the rear springs (body lifts can get messy!)

    Go to 4x4's wire's Forum (link I gave you above) either use the search function or ask this question there!

    If youre going off road, ditch teh stock hubs and get WARN manual lockers, and ditch the fan and get electric with a by-pass switch for water crossings!

    Have fun, and you really should do some off roading once you get the Sporty lifted, I have a 2" suspension lift and run 30's mudders and can go alot of places other (Jeeps included) can't go! Have yet to get stuck, and I have tried, trust me. And have towed my share of other 4x4's out of places I just went thru

    Lykke til ;)
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