Supplementary Rules Eurotrial 2008 Norway

1.In the competition area there is one way driving only, follow one way signs.
Violation against this rule will involve 1 warning. In case of 2 violation against this rule the participant will be suspended and disqualified from the competition.

2.Special insurance and safety rules as followed:
Eurotrial is an event which is not included in FIA. Therefore, there are not any official international rules for this event.The Norwegian organisers now have following permission/licence from the Norwegian Automobile-Sport Federation:Permission is given for each driver to use their own countries safety rules, but minimum safety rules as described in the rules for Eurotrial has to be followed.The Norwegian Organisers strongly recommend that the Norwegian safety rules for roll cages being followed. Information about safety rules for roll cages in Norway can be found here.
The Norwegian organisers can not give insurance or licences to participants who are not Norwegian citizens. This is because you need a Norwegian national insurance number. Every driver and codriver is therefore personally responsible for a valid insurance from their own country. This insurance must cover you and your codriver if an accident happens to you during the competition.
Remark: Ordinary travel insurance is not valid. Valid Drivers licence/ racing licence and insurance have to be shown by arrival/check in for the competition. Citizens of the EU / European Union must also bring with them the European health insurance card. At the Registration form, every participant must sign on and declare that they have read and understood that they must have valid insurance and that this is their own responsibility.Insurance papers must be shown at check in for the competition. The organisers insurance covers if a third person is injured ( spectactor, officials etc.)

Norwegian Organisers Eurotrial 2008.